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FPA Womens Health

FPA Womens Health

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Abortion Pill and Stuffs

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FPA Womens Health

Others might don’t know but there are lot of things women need to consider before they decide to make an abortion.If you are one who considers abortion as an option, then it is better is you first talk with your doctor. They would provide several clinical methods and discuss the possible procedure. Abortion pills is one of the methods they may offer on you.

Information about Abortion Pill

Basically, abortion pill is what you would hear when one decided to end already their pregnancy through the 2 medicines. It has two medicines namely the mifepristone and misoprostol.Usually , this is usable until week 9 of pregnancy or simply within 63 days of conceiving after the day of your last menstruation. However, there are places which have laws limiting and giving rules about the usage of these pills. But on those more than 9 weeks pregnant, they can choose the in-clinic abortion.


One could simply ask if this is effective enough, yes it is. Approximately 97% of abortion cases are successful. It is necessary if you will set an appointment for the follow check up with your medical practitioners. During the medication abortion, it is ordinary for the women to be nervous. In the process of the medication abortion it is common if one could get scared about it. But it will give them some relief if they already know the end-result of everything. It is a good idea if they will take some time to talk with the designated medical practitioner, so that they will know everything about it. Before you take in the abortion pill, you must make sure that you are informed about the options available.

Informed them about your medical history. After that, you should also need to undergo the required lab test. Physical exam, especially the ultrasound is necessary. Ultrasound is one of the most required physical exams. Afterwards, you can already read and sign the necessary papers. Safe is the word for medication abortion. But several medical process are known to have risks, thus, you have to be extra careful of everything. Potential hazards includes failure on the termination of the pregnancy, infection and also ectopic pregnancy. You don’t need to worry though because mostly of this complications can be treated by medicines.


After you use the abortion pill, it is all common if you will experience many emotions such as guilty and confusion. This is not good anymore of it last for a long period of time.Most probably, you are facing emotional problems for some specific reasons.If you are looking for someone to talk about it, try to visit www.fpawomenshealth.com.



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