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FPA Womens Health

FPA Womens Health

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Surgical Abortion: What do you need to know

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Family Planning Associates

Surgical abortion pertains on the process of removal of the pregnancy in the vagina through the help of an expert doctor. It is being done through or even without using anaesthetic.It all depends upon on the choice of the patient as what have discussed during consultation.

Before performing the procedure, the health practitioner will see and test your pelvic and at the same time conduct an ultrasound. This will identify the phase of your pregnancy. You must know that there are several factor to be considered on the place of the abortion process such as result of the physical exam, lab test and etc. Usually, the abortion process is being performed until 14 weeks of pregnancy. Vacuum aspiration is just one of the standard methods. Certainly, local anaesthetic or freezing is what they are going to use here. However, sometimes hospitals there are instances that general aesthetics is being used.

Getting Tested for STDS

There are two known kinds of surgical abortion. The first kind, early surgical abortion can be performed within 14 weeks while the second one can be done between the 15th to 19th week of pregnancy. Many medical professionals does not perform any abortion of it is already later than nineteen weeks otherwise, the life of the mother is already at risk.

But this abortion method cannot be done on early pregnancy. This simply means that you need to wait for the right time for it to remove as soon as you already know about your pregnancy. If you cannot wait for the right moment, then it is much better if you will do the medical abortion. Most of the girls and women find it easier to end their pregnancy when they know that it is not yet developed fully into a fetus. Medical abortion is not advisable after 7th week of pregnancy.

Birth Control Options

If you choose the surgical abortion, you can expect 3 to visit into your clinic or doctor. The initial appointment will take an hour for the necessary test and exams . They will send you off again so you can have some time to think again and make your final decision.

But if you pick to have an early abortion, perhaps your next visit will be the procedure proper. Keep in mind that you have to eat 2 to 3 hours the procedure. Your medical professional will take care the rest of the things that needs explanation. Are you looking for some help, www.fpawomenshealth.com can be provide you.



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