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FPA Womens Health

FPA Womens Health

I am Louise Scarlett, a marketing professional and a college instructor based in United States. I also write articles and surfing in the internet when I have a free time.

Women must know about Birth Control Mirena

Publié par Louise Scarlett

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FPA Womens Health

Mirena IUD is increasing its popularity nowadays since it aims to protect women form getting pregnant within 5 years. However, they should understand that there are side effects that go along with it.

If you have no idea bout Mirena, this is a type of reversible birth control or simply as intrauterine device.IUD is a tiny and flexible device that is being implanted on the uterus. Mirena birth control uses a specific hormone that is known as levonorgesterel. Little by little, it releases generous amount right into women’s uterus over a period. Because it is emitting hormones, this will also emit hormones on your body in small amount unlike on the contraceptive pills you normally take.

FDA or Food and Drug Administration approved it during 2000. One of its brands was now being utilized officially in the United States.During 2009, the agency expanded the approval of the Mirena in treating heavy bleeding during menstruation though IUD. Pregnancy is under controlled within 5 years and after that, the implantation already requires replacement. This is advisable for a woman out there who already had a child.


According to the reports; there are 150 million of users using this mirena birth control. This is proven to be effective and much more convenient and safe because once it is implanted, pills is not anymore a problem. Oftentimes, oral contraceptive pills depends strongly on how you will use.This only means that must take in their pills every day. It does explain now why oral contraceptive pills has higher resuls of failure rather than birth control Mirena.

Preventing pregnancy is guaranteed here.However, possibilities are women would experience life-threatening and dangerous side effects like pelvic inflammatory, perforation of your uterus and ectopic pregnancy. Additionally, the device being used may accidentally move into another part.It will need a difficult surgery just to eliminate it.


In connection with this, after 5 years you have to go with health provider so they can remove the device with the help of the attached strings. It has arms which are too flexible, that is why it can bend up particularly if you will remove it already.

Consulting your medical practitioner is a good idea.Find more information about birth control Mirena at www.fpawomenshealth.com. You will learn there everything about it.

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